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A perfectly sized compact little tin that holds 60 of our toothpaste tablets for ease of transport and to keep them dry in particularly damp environments.

Toothpaste tablets NOT included - these are available to purchase separately here. 

The What?

This tin holds 60 of our fluoride toothpaste tablets, so you can travel with them easily, with this holding 15 days of tooth cleaning goodness for two people (perfect for holidays). It’s also conveniently compact measuring only 60mm x 47mm x 12mm so takes up very little room in your suitcase/washbag.

Made of tin plate, which is 100% recyclable our tin is very widely and easily recycled. It is also continuously recyclable, which means it recycles into something of equal quality time and time again, unlike plastic.

It has our name and the words "Toothpaste Tablets" to help explain this plastic free toothpaste to unfamiliar customs officials when you travel!

The Why?

Quite apart from the beautiful alliteration, it holds 60 of our fluoride toothpaste tablets to keep them dry in wetroom bathrooms, make them easy to transport or travel with.

When we were working on the packaging for the toothpaste tablets, we considered a tin, but that would have meant a lot of metal to be made and recycled and it seemed wasteful. So we put them in a cardboard box, which is cheaper and easy to recycle or compost.

By selling the tin separately we can keep the cost of the fluoride toothpaste tablets down, but still offer something to make traveling easier and in a material that is easy to recycle at the end of its life.

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