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Our Story

Hi. I'm Hannah. I have a few roles in life which makes life wonderful and also very non stop! I'm a family person at heart- my family mean the world to me. I'm lucky enough to be a Mum of three- Jasper, Florence & Betsy and run a very busy household with husband Greg and Monty the labrador too!

I am also a Primary School Teacher- I love spending my days with children, They're refreshing, pure and just fascinating and we often spend parts of our day chatting about life and often get onto the subject of our Planet. This is something as a Mum and a Teacher I have enjoyed learning more about over recent years. Its a very gradual thing.... through sheer volume of household waste that we go through it would be hard not to feel this nagging feeling that we are contributing to a huge problem. Through TV nights, snuggled up warm with my children, watching David Attenborough programmes we have been moved to make some changes within our home. Lockdown has simply given me thinking time to turn a dream into a reality!

We know that our efforts are only a tiny dot on the landscape of the enormous plastic pollution crisis but we are also mindful that every bit helps towards reducing our impact and just think collectively what a difference we can make if we all swap a handful of everyday household, health and beauty or gift products.

I have been consumed with the need to change things over, bit by bit we have really made a difference and buying in this way, with a clear conscience is actually quite lovely! Im so keen to bring this into the reach of people like me who have busy lives but want to make a little difference in their own way- in a way that is doable and most importantly realistic. 

We have become so passionate about living a more eco-friendly and sustainable life. Our aim as a family is now to be as zero waste and low impact as possible and now Green & Me is here to help enable others to do the same.

We choose biodegradable, compostable or recyclable packaging over plastic and use natural products which are not only free from toxins but are cruelty-free, ethical and sustainable too.

We think that small changes can add up to a big difference and we fully believe that it is not about a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly - it's about millions of people doing it imperfectly. 

Our suppliers

I have always been very passionate about supporting small businesses and in business, Green & Me will aim to continue this. I only work with suppliers who share my values and ethos. Most of my suppliers are UK-based and I also aim to source locally produced products as possible too. I have spent so much time researching each and every supplier to ensure that they are ethical and hope that I can continue to find small businesses who are like minded in this way. I think the passion these small businesses have for their products really shines through- I'm confident in the ranges that I stock and just can't wait to share them with you.