Our Green & Me Way…

  • At the heart of Green & Me is our on going mission.... 

- 1- Reduce Single Use Plastics and emissions.

- 2- Minimise and Eliminate toxins used on our bodies and in our homes!

  • We recently changed our business model- having previously offered refills in our local area, we are moving and negotiating our way through price hikes and a cost of living crisis! Our customers deserve the very best in service, prices and quality of products and our developments enable customers to buy amazing eco friendly products in an easy and affordable way.
How it works....
  • Simply browse our 5L Jerry Cans, select a pump if needed, then checkout and wait to hear from us regarding estimated delivery date.
  • When your jerry Can is almost empty, reorder and once empty we will take your container back and replace with your new one! Very simple!
Frequently asked Questions...
  • “Is this still an eco friendly way of buying?”
I here you ask! Absolutely! On so many levels! We will only ever sell products like this on a closed loop system. You order, we then order and distribute to you, you return your empties to us, they are returned to Miniml HQ, sterilised, refilled, stickered and re distributed. (No wasted containers- zero!).


    •     "Why Bulk Buys?"
    Having provided refill services for some time, we realise that the frequency of refilling in some ways defeats the objective of refilling! Through buying in larger quantities you not only buy at a reduced cost, you also incur less trips for refilling- meaning less time and less emissions! We are encouraging you to create your own little refill stations- whether it be in a corner of your kitchen or utility room, in a cupboard, on a shelf in your garage, or even at your parent, friend or siblings house- central base for a family refill! See what works for you! The initial investment is more than worth it and its gradually become the sensible way to shop!


      • 'What do we need to know about the suppliers?"
      We chose Miniml- based on ethics, sustainability, fabulous quality of ingredient and the fact they deliver to us themselves on a small van from their base in Yorkshire less than 2 hours down the road. They also take every single container back as detailed above! 
        Contact details as follows...