How It Works

  • Firstly, Check that we do doorstep deliveries in your area. Just get in touch if you are a little out of the Lytham St Annes area or you aren't sure! We do have another delivery rate for customers just out of the area.
Collections are readily available- simply place your order, I will get in touch to arrange collection date and time and then when you arrive, simply give me your bottles and I will return them back to your car, filled to your ordered quantities, shortly after.
We are always happy to discuss and help you with your queries.
  • Secondly, place your order via the website or alternatively message us via Email, Messenger or Instagram and we can process your order and send an invoice to you via email.
Contact details as follows...
Start shopping by visiting our Refill Collection.
There are 3 ways to purchase refills.
1) As a refill only, using existing bottles 
2) In a pre-filled 500 ml or 1 L bottle or 1Kg jar.
3) as a bulk buy in a 5 L Jerry Can or 5 Kg container for powder. 
  • We will then be in touch within 24 hours to arrange your doorstep delivery/ collection date and time. To keep our carbon footprint to a minimum we always make great efforts to coordinate deliveries according to location. (Same day deliveries can often be arranged if needed- subject to availability.)
(If changes to your refill date and time are needed, please don't worry- just get in touch and notify us of this 24 hours before and we are happy to rearrange.)
Delivery Charges-
- FY8- Refills Delivery is charged at a flat rate of £1.50. (To help offset our emissions whilst we save for our electric Green & Me delivery vehicle, we have teamed up with Tree Nation and plant a tree with every order over £20! )
We are dedicated to enabling as many people as we possibly can to reduce their single use plastic and use of toxic chemicals in their household and health and beauty products. We will always consider deliveries outside of our immediate delivery area so just get in touch to discuss this. 
We would also love you to consider our pop up shop events and our 5L jerry can bottles- enabling customers to fill their own at home- these are a wonderful way of reducing the refill trips and also reducing the cost! The best things about this is we will collect your jerry cans and refill, meaning no waste, no plastic, no fuss!

For anymore details, please visit FAQs which will be available soon, where you may find the answer to your query. Alternatively, don't hesitate to get in touch.