Brand Story- MINIML

Founded by Emma and Scott, (Scott is from the Fylde Coast!) Miniml have set out to change the way people consume cleaning products and think about their waste.

They are not just another natural cleaning brand; they are a movement to do more with less. They offer people a zero waste, closed loop solution to all their cleaning, laundry and personal care needs and they want to ensure that every bottle we sell gets re-used time and time again.

Join Green & Me, along with Scott & Emma from Miniml, on our journey to make the world a cleaner, greener place to live!


"We don't want to leave our mark on the world, in fact, we will keep working to leave no trace that we were ever here at all"

When we say we live and breathe clean, we mean it. From the way we do business, right down to where we source our ingredients. We're always looking for new ways to put our clean values into practice. Even if it's going to take us a while to get there.

We believe Eco products shouldn’t cost the earth, quite literally! we continually try to keep our prices affordable as everyone should have access to the power of natural plant based ingredients.

Scott & Emma