About Green & Me

Green & Me is a much loved, small eco friendly, sustainable business dream, that became a reality for our founder, Hannah Johnson. As a teacher and busy mum of three, Hannah has a naturally vested interest in the future and in inspiring young ones to live well, live happily and do it all with a clean conscience. 

As family life has taken the Green & Me family through some wonderfully chaotic years, pressures grow, shopping lists lengthen and the extensive volumes of everyday “stuff” that is needed has become quite overwhelming. Through stepping off the wheel during lockdown, Hannah and family were given moments to think and notice- they became so much more aware of their surroundings, of how we all have such a direct impact on the world around us. One of the biggest realisations was the sheer amount of packaging we dispose of. Where does it go- it’s doesn’t go away!

From this point onwards they wanted to make a difference. Waking up to the fact we are facing a global tragedy- things need to change and we can be part of that change. By being eco conscious,  children can learn from the very beginning about the things that they CAN do to make a difference. 

The Green & Me family made many subtle, simple changes in their lives over the last 3 years- it really is straight forward but it can sometimes be a real challenge to know where to start and to of course avoid green washing! Green & Me saw a need to make things simple- to take the hard work out of sustainable shopping and enable other families and businesses to find the best and most affordable zero waste, eco living solutions- for their homes and themselves that they can trust.

Green & Me believe small changes really can make such a huge difference, it’s about being at ease with what you can’t change but working to change what fits and what works for you to lessen your impact. 

Thank you for finding us and for wanting to make a difference- change is inevitable, be part of the change and join Green & Me in a more eco friendly, sustainable way of life!