About Green & Me

Green & Me has been on the mind of Founder Hannah Johnson for many years. As a busy mum of three and a part time teacher to future generations, Hannah has a naturally vested interest in the future and in inspiring young ones to live well, live happily and do it all with a clean conscience. 

It is chaotic daily life that pulls on Mums and Dads in so many different directions and the pressures are immense! One thing that became increasingly noticeable and worrying was the increasing levels of "stuff" that comes into our homes and then makes a sharp exit when its finished with. We live in such an incredibly disposable world but that in itself is terrifying and is becoming a global tragedy.

When I look back on the sheer volume of packaging that my little family have gone through over the years, it really upsets and frustrates me and I have known for sometime that something needs to be done to reduce our impact. I no longer settle at buying meat in plastic trays that could withstand years of use, to be thrown away after one use. I am no longer ok with clearing out my shower and filling my bedroom bin with countless shampoo and conditioner bottles that the kids have drained! Enough is enough! Fresh from watching Sir David Attenbrough during lockdown I knew my long standing idea had to be given the green light!

We as a family have made many subtle, simple changes over the last two years- it really is straight forward but it would be made much easier if two main factors were considered- cost and convenience. We like nice things, we have been guilty of being brand snobs in previous years and that is still ok! Sometimes an eco alternative isn't a good enough substitute for what you are used to and forgive yourself for that. Just swap something else that you can swap! The feeling is great! 

I have searched far and wide to bring to you a wide range of lovely quality, eco friendly, home, health and beauty, on the go and gift products. I am so proud of these products- all tried and tested and brilliant alternatives to some of those staple things we hold dear!

I really hope you enjoy browsing through the collections- any queries don't hesitate to ask. I'm happy to organise free collections locally, some deliveries and also national postage across the UK.

We don't need to try to take on the whole world- lets just commit to making simple changes where we can. The need has never been greater and I can't wait to chat with you, share ideas and help each other to live life happily, with a conscience.

Thankyou for being on this journey with me!