Reusable Bags

Lets become part of the solution by stopping the use of plastic bags full stop. There have been huge initiatives to reduce the use of single use plastic bags- the Bags for Life were born!

What the government are missing is that Bags for Life are much thicker than single-use bags, so they contain much more plastic. Most weigh almost four times as much as the supermarket’s single-use bags.

The idea is that customers will use fewer of them – so the total amount of plastic being used over the course of a year will be less, but reports suggest this is not always working as the weight of plastic is equal to when the thinner 5p bags where used in their billions!

These efforts from big supermarkets are commendable but to truly reduce plastic bag waste we really need to ditch the plastic and use non plastic alternatives. 

Have a browse and feel proud to make this simple switch. (on a practical level- most of these bags scrunch up and fit so easily into your hand bag, pocket or car door. There is no excuse for forgotten bags with these fantastic alternatives!)