Miniml 5L Jerry Cans

Over recent times, we can come to several differing conclusions about the pros and cons of Bulk Buying. 

Waste is a number one concern for me- this however, is mainly in relation to food. 

There are so many reasons that make Bulk Buying a great option.... 

- COST of the product is cheaper. (For instance , our previous charge for 500ml of refill shampoo was £3.00. When buying in bulk it now costs £2.40.)

- CONVENIENCE, due to less online shopping, refilling or shopping trips! Creating your own refill station  means you simply refill as you go in your own home or business. This may mean clearing a corner, emptying a shelf in the garage, decluttering a utility room cupboard. Make it work for you and your family or business!

-ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, this is a sure fire way of reducing your emissions as some of these products will last well over a year! The products themselves that Green & Me stock are sourced from a sustainable family business in Yorkshire. They deliver direct to us from less than 2 hours down the road, where they are made! No arctic wagon couriers or transporting from China, France or across the UK. We choose local!


Browse our fabulous range of Household, Laundry and Health & Beauty products and know that what you buy is sourced with care and the essentials in mind! 

Also remember, if you're local you can return the container to us for sending back to be reused. if we shipped your order to you, we ask that you use the QR code to return the container straight back to Miniml HQ and wait for your replacements to arrive after reordering with Green & Me UK.