Household 5 L / 5 KG BULK BUYS

These are the perfect Bulk Buy solution- for those who want to minimise cost and buying trips or deliveries. It is an opportunity to buy your Household Cleaning & Laundry products in 5 L and 5 Kg quantities. 

These beautiful products are available to buy as a refill only- where by your 5 L containers can simply be refilled, or they can be purchased complete- in the Jerry Can with a simple screw top lid. They are also available to buy, ready with the pump lid or tap. Lots of options to make it work for you in the best closed loop way- cutting countless plastic containers out of the recycling or landfill process. Once your 5 L can is emptied, just re order and we will happily refill or replace.

5 KG bulk buys will be dispatched in 2.5 KG brand compostable bags.