Gift Wrap Tree of Life Print (Recycled Kraft Paper)- Dusky Blue - 1 metre pack
Gift Wrap Tree of Life Print (Recycled Kraft Paper)- Dusky Blue - 1 metre pack
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Gift Wrap Tree of Life Print (Recycled Kraft Paper)- Dusky Blue - 1 metre pack

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Print Details

 This tree of life print is beautiful on all of the paper we have, it is stylish, delicate and really beautiful! Fantastic for any occasion- its a real statement and oozes quality.

Colours Available

These are ideal for children's Christmas day gifts. Its a tradition of ours to give each child their own colour for gift wrap, so with this in mind we have 3 fantastic colours to choose from in huge 10 metre rolls! Its a rare find to get fab quality eco friendly gift wrap in big quantities like this!

We at Green & Me love everything about this exciting new eco friendly gift wrap company- not only for the fab quality and bright bold designs but also for their ethics and the thought give to its production.

All of the coloured kraft paper used is made using toxin free water based inks which can be effectively recycled alongside your house hold paper waste.


  • Free from solvent based inks, glitter, foil and other non-recyclable contaminants.
  • Free from plastic packaging.
  • Fully recyclable with household paper waste.
  • The ink cartridges we use are made with recycled ocean plastic and are further recyclable.  

We advise that you use paper tape when wrapping your gifts as plastic based rolls contaminate the recycling process. Paper which is soiled with food or grease should also not be recycled.

For every order we place, they plant a tree and they also offset the carbon emissions produced from every delivery they make #planet50k. 

Paper and Ink Specifications

Slightly textured recycled kraft paper (50gsm) made from recycled materials (80% recycled materials, 20% kraft paper to add strength), colour-washed on one side and brown kraft colour on the other side. 

Water based inks are used as they are much kinder to our health and the planet. We love this wrapping paper family!

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