Household Cleaning Refills

The collection is small for now but watch this space! These fantastic dissolvable cleaning pods keep things very simple and really do pack a punch! Try them- you won't be disappointed!

NEW LARGER RANGE COMING SOON! I have some fabulous toxin Free, affordable and amazing quality refillable cleaning products on their way!

Our homes have become filled with chemicals which we rely on to give us the reassurance that they are clean. This is no longer necessary- infact this is completely unnecessary! We need to clean up- use natural cleaning agents and feel reassured by Miniml, a wonderful family company who we have carefully selected to supply us with their hand made, eco friendly products.

The natural scents are divine and their cleaning properties are second to none! Why oh why did I not discover this wonderful company years ago! 

There products are an absolute must- give them a try and you will not be disappointed!