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Inspiring Eco Friendly, Plastic Free, Zero Waste Living Solutions ....

Our aim is really simple.... we want to bring affordable eco friendly inspiration and good quality products to those who are curious or keen to reduce their impact and make small changes that make BIG differences!

Our planet is in crisis and its become very clear that we need to act fast- using our buying power, reducing our carbon footprint, reducing the toxins in our products and eliminating single use plastic where we can in our homes and businesses.

The news we hear, the images we see are sometimes so devastating and actually very overwhelming- we are sometimes left feeling that the choices we make will make very little difference. Together we are so strong - a handful of easy, everyday changes from us in our homes, a swap here and there, they go a long way in reducing our impact.

For our future generations this is the only way- it needs to be the norm. I figure I am not the only busy mum who wants to shop with a clearer conscience and learn with their children about how we can live a little greener - I would LOVE you to do this with me!

Lets share ideas, find eco friendly alternatives and make small changes to ultimately make BIG differences!

We continually explore opportunities to support sustainable small businesses across the UK- we add to our range continuously and are so proud of our Green & Me Collection. We're actually really excited to share it with you!

Enjoy and I want to say a heartfelt thank you for supporting our small business.

With Love, Hannah @ Green & Me xx


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