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Welcome to Green & Me ....

I’m so pleased you have come to have a look at our lovely, ever growing Green & Me range.

My aim is really simple.... I want to make small changes that make BIG differences! The global plastic waste nightmare has been brought to our attention so much more in recent years and it has become very clear that we need to act and we need to act fast.

To face the fact that our day to day busy lives contribute to this huge tragedy is really saddening but if we look at things a little differently there is hope! A handful of easy, everyday changes from us in our homes, a swap here and there- these small changes really reduce our impact. My aim is to bring this opportunity to you in a really simple and cost effective way.

We can never single handedly tackle these global problems that we are facing but every bit we do contributes to being part of the solution and being a lesser part of the problem. Over the last 18 months I have been determined to make some simple eco friendly swaps and find ways to do my bit in every way I realistically can. I figure I am not the only busy mum who wants to shop with a slightly clearer conscience and learn with their children about how we can live alittle greener - I would LOVE you to do this with me!

Lets share ideas, find eco friendly alternatives and make small changes to ultimately make BIG differences!

With Love, Hannah @ Green & Me xx


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